Nystatin - a deadly fungal Fungicidal.. Stomatitis mildew. Treat mastitis in cows. Inflammation of the outer ear mildew in dogs

Against the types of foreign-fungal.
- Mechanism of Action ß Has high affinity for union with receptors Ergosterol Located on the cell membrane of the fungi and this leads to change permeability of fungal bacteria which leads to escape potassium and cellular components.
- Stomatitis innate   - Treatment of mastitis in cows, caused by candida (300,000 units / per the udder day to box for 3 days) 
- Inflammation of the outer ear mildew in dogs. 
Dosage: dogs and cats 100,000 units / kg. Nystatin of injecting poisonous drugs.

Natamycin.. Treating herpes in horses, cows and keratitis. Wide spectrum of faith against fungi

This is another antifungal (type Poly Ignat) has wide spectrum of faith against fungi.
Used medication Natamycin in treating herpes in horses,
cows and keratitis can use the drug concentration of 2.5 - 5% Knqt in the eye every 2 -3 hours.
Natamycin (Pimarisin) is an antifungal product that has a wide and effective work. It not only prevents the growth of mold and various yeasts and also inhibits the production of its toxins, commercial natamycin contains 50% of the active ingredient. Small amounts of natamycin can prevent all forms of fungi and yeast that cause food damage
Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent its use in the natural maturation process of yogurt, cheese, fresh pork, sausage, etc.
Natamycin is white to flavorless yellow, odorless crystalline powder that is very stable with its crystal form, soluble natamycin of very low level in water and in more organic solvents only 20 mg natamycin can be dissolved in pure water at room temperature.

Treatment of bacterial diseases Treatment of Bacterial diseases.. Antibiotics. Antibacterial manufacturer

By antibacterials are two types
1 - Antibiotics Antibiotics = Are substances derived from microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi and have a fatal effect on the bacteria nurse Such as penicillin Penicillin
2 - antibacterial manufacturer Antibacterials = Are chemicals factory in the lab and have a fatal effect on bacteria
** All antibacterial antibiotic And not all antibacterial antibiotic
Antibacterials are divided by:
First: bacterial-term Spectrum = Is the types of bacteria that affect antibiotic
** The wide-ranging Spectrum Wide = Affect Many bacterial species of bacteria negative and Gram positive and some other bacteria   Example Tetracyclines - Amoxycillin  
** Narrow range Narrow Spectrum = Affects one type of bacteria, whether positive or negative example of Penicillin G Affect the bacteria Gram positive (Staph)   Streptomycin affects bacteria Gram negative(E.coli - Salmonella )
Second: the act Action  
** Bactericidal bacteria killer Like -Aminoglycosides Penicillin
** Growth and reproduction position Bacteriostatic Such Tetracyclines - Macrolides   -Chloramphenical
Third: chemical compositions Chemical Structures
Penicillins Penicillins Alaminocalicosadat Aminoglycosides Alttrascalinat Tetracyclines macrolidesMacrolides CR peptides Polypeptides Allenksampdat Lincosamides
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous And sulfa of vehicles manufactured and quinolones Synthetic Antibacterials.

The mechanism of action of bacteria Mechanism Of Action.. Prevent the formation of the cell wall of the bacteria developing and manufacturing cellular protein to bacteria

1- antibiotics prevent the formation of the cell wall of the bacteria developing such Penicillin -Cephalosporines.
2- Antibiotics inhibit cellular protein synthesis of bacteria by interfering with DNA Ribusuma likeTetracyclines 30s - Macrolides 50s.
3- antibiotics affect the permeability through the cell membrane of bacteria.
Such as CR peptides Polypeptides ß Bacitracin - Polymxyin.
4- antibiotics interfere with bacterial DNA composition in bacteria Such as sulfa compounds Sulphonamides - Vehicles Quinolones - Rawamysin Rifamycin Urine red color appears.

Antibiotics Boolean operators Polyene Antibiotics.. Amphotericin B Amphotericin B. Fatal fungal malicious and meningococcal disease

Amphotericin B Amphotericin B : Isolate Amphotericin B of Aktinomaysan can be used systemically, but it has a small therapeutic index.
- A deadly fungal Fungicidal Against the types of fungi and internal mechanism of action ß Has high affinity for union with receptors Ergosterol Located on the cell membrane of the fungi and this leads to change permeability of fungal bacteria which leads to escape potassium and cellular components.
- Uses: Mushrooms Burama Blastomycosis And Hustoblasmozz Histoplasmosis And fungal Sphericity Coccidiomycosis Candida and meningococcal disease malignant And given intravenous slow IV Aimits oral and have a detrimental effect on the kidneys.

The reasons for the failure of antibiotic treatment.. Reasons Palmkrob or antibiotic

The reasons for the failure of antibiotic treatment Failure of Antibiotic Therapy
Reasons Palmkrob
Bacterial immune Bacterial Resistance = Bacterial resistance to the antibiotic
Type of Bacterial Resistance
* Natural Natural or inherited = Microblazema - Gram-negative bacteria ( -Ve ) With penicillins - Gram-positive bacteria ( + Ve ) With Streptomycin
* Accquired Acquired = sensitive bacteria after a period become filed ((change permeability and prevent it from entering such as E. coli With tetracycline - / / - change of the series be DNA such as sulfa))
*   Transmissible Mobile = bacteria transfer resistance genes to other species of bacteria and dangerous when moving from nurse to nurse 
Antibiotic reasons
* Blood concentration of the antibiotic is not enough to eliminate bacteria
* Do not traffic to members through the blood barriers
* Metabolic rate rapid metabolism and excretion

Fenugreek.. Cure for diabetes because they contain active substances stimulate the pancreas and have the effect of insulin and its oil diuretic to mother's milk

I knew the ring when doctors Arab veterans and told'm wedlock that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: «deduced Circuit» He said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him returned Saad bin Abi Waqas, a patient said: Invite him a doctor called him Harith bin Kinda looked at him and said not him quite And took im his team (which the circuit with pass Pressed dates Wetlands), and he did so Loughborough.   
Ibn al-Qayyim in his prophetic medicine book ... If cooked ring with water Lint throat, chest and abdomen and live rabies and increase Sexual ability and sexual ability ».  
If bandaged solid tumors the heat Nftha few and analyzed, and if drink discharged benefit of the viewer and wind colic and indigestion.  
In this study we refer to two new benefits firstly it is a cure for diabetes because they contain active substances stimulate the pancreas and have the effect of insulin and the second that its oil generates breast milk.  In this issue scientific study revealed that the length of the index finger in men may indicate opportunities vulnerability to prostate cancer.
A recent study showed that sperm count in men fell by about a third since 1989.  Scientists said the new drug learned from the fruits of tomatoes could protect against the risk of heart disease and strokes.
According to a study conducted in Sweden that eating chocolate protects the heart and arteries.  Nutrition experts say that the island is not alone useful to consider while containing many vegetables and fruits on materials contribute effectively in maintaining a strong vision.
Fenugreek plant described since ancient doctors who are considered leaders and pioneers in the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and has taken care of scientists and researchers in pharmacology ginseng ring in the modern era and study its usefulness in reducing blood sugar for those who suffer from diabetes.
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