Les cellules souches pour traiter le diabète.. utiliser des cellules souches embryonnaires dans le développement des cellules productrices d'insuline pour réduire les niveaux élevés de glucose dans le sang

Research team has succeeded in Singapore in achievement for the treatment of diabetes using embryonic stem cells in the development of insulin-producing cells in mice. 
The Sai Lin Qiang and Li Godong from the Institute of Medical Biology, he has succeeded in the development of an unspecified number of cells that have been successful when planted in diseased mice from diabetes to reduce the high levels of glucose in the blood.
He explained Godong that specialized cells in the production of insulin-like those found in the human pancreas, and described the American Society for Cell Biology Search Lim Li published in more than a scientific journal that a new and important in the science of cell biology, and expressed the research team expressed confidence that these results can be applied to Human.

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Vitamins available.. thiamin. riboflavin. pyridoxine. cynocobalamin. biotin. niacin. pantothenic

There are 13 Vitamina . Addition of vitamin A A and C C And d D And e E There are 8 vitamins belongVitamin B group B It thiamine thiamin (B1 or B1) , Riboflavin riboflavin (B-2 or B1) , Pyridoxinepyridoxine (B6 or B 6) , Cianokubolamin cynocobalamin (12 or B 12) , Butene biotin (h or H) , Folic Acid folic acid (b or c Bc) , Niacin niacin (pp or PP) Albantothin acid pantothenic acid (5 or B5).

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Cinnamon "scholars" Cinnamomum zeilanicum Nees.. Assistant body to deal with the sugars more effectively

Scientists say substance extracted from cinnamon may prevent diabetes, which affects adults Valqrfah commonly used in cooking may help the body to deal with the sugars more efficiently has urged a scientists who conducted research last people to make greater use of cinnamon to reap the greatest benefit of this article.
The diabetes that appears in old age, and call it style 2, more prevalent than diabetes that appears when young, which depends on the hormone insulin. This disease affects millions of people all over the world, and leads to many premature deaths disease is caused by failure of the body's cells to respond to insulin responsible for the representation of sugars, which leads to increased blood sugar.
Increased blood sugar to many symptoms كالشعور fatigue and weight loss, and lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The people with the disease have to make major adjustments in their diets and exercise to maintain their health.
Reactivate cells
But laboratories nutrition scientists of the U.S. Agricultural Research Foundation in the U.S. state of Maryland found that the substance extracted from the plant cinnamon can reactivate cells that have stopped responding to the hormone insulin so make them more responsive to the hormone in question. 
Researchers have found that cinnamon increases the proportion of sugar processing 20 times. Article responsible for it are called LVMH CB, which proved experiments conducted on mice to be effective in reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood. 
The head of the research team, Richard Anderson The clinical trials for this article would begin within one year, but Anderson said he advised people to use a lot of cinnamon in their diet.
He advised diabetics eat a quarter spoon cup to a full cup of cinnamon per day. 
But Authority spokeswoman diabetes charity in Britain warned, and said it is too early to directing such advice. The spokeswoman said that while it welcomes the all the research being done on this subject, it is better to wait. 
Noteworthy that other researchers have discovered other benefits of cinnamon, where known to be effective in treating food poisoning caused by E. coli bacteria infection _ (gate)

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Diabetes Treatment Plant pancreas.. The destruction of beta cells by the immune system

In fact, the cells beta, which is excreted in the insulin in people with type I diabetes are broken because of the immune system, and the process of pancreas transplantation may be good treatment and this is true and this Certain where that those who planted the pancreas, the dose insulin said in very large quantities and in others stopped taking insulin after a successful operation for the cultivation of the pancreas, but a pancreas transplant process is not as easy as it can provide the pancreas when the diagnosis is also not easy, as the number of pancreas
available for cultivation are very few (well known that the pancreas to be planted either 
Be taken from a person who is clinically dead or has testamentary donation Pancreas when he died) then your pancreas is very limited. This is a problem. And other problems for the cultivation of the pancreas are: 
1 - a pancreas transplant is not an easy process is somewhat serious. 
2 - who are in the process of planting the pancreas need to take drugs for life-proof to expel the pancreas to be planted. These drugs have side effects not Little. 
3 - There are many barriers to grow a patient's pancreas, such as other diseases such as diabetes, the presence of tumors, inflammation of the liver, AIDS, obesity, lung disease, heart disease .. Etc.. 
Due to these reasons, the pancreas transplant rarely used to treat diabetes. It is used when diabetes first type has a decline in renal and need a kidney transplant. (And thus the cultivation of the pancreas for people with diabetes is a process of people with diabetes in the early stages of the illness and before kidney failure occurs requirement for a kidney transplant). 
The fact that people with diabetes should be interested in learning the basic skills to deal with diabetes and learn how use Certain measure blood sugar and learn the concept of self-treatment and self-learning how to use insulin so that they can maintain their health and coexist peacefully with diabetes. The scientifically Certain that maintain the use of insulin, diet, sports protect diabetes chronic complications of diabetes and this is important and must be taken care of and focus on it.

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Results blood sugar measuring devices and comparing medical laboratory analyzes.. Blood sugar control and reduce the complications of diabetes, despite the difference in results

When you ask some patients "Do you have a device to measure blood sugar?" Will tell you, "Yes, but I do not use it because I doubt read and therefore do not use it," This scene is repeated frequently with patients. In fact the manufacturers of measuring instruments blood sugar trying to provide precision instruments to measure blood sugar, but most manufacturers to manufacture devices that give read with a percentage difference ((by)) may sometimes reaches 20% and this is good ((which is the best art has companies despite technological advances currently located)). Ie it If Reading in medical laboratory 100 mg / dL, the blood sugar measuring device that you use will give a reading between 80 and 120 mg / dL.
 The question now is, can rely on these devices to monitor blood sugar for diabetes and these ratios in the difference for medical laboratories? 
Is the truth when companies began to manufacture these devices asked her (before giving them licenses to sell to patients) asked her to be the percentage difference of 5% or less. But did not succeed manufacturers in manufacturing increased by the difference required in spite of their attempts numerous advances in technology, what was there only one option which is to do scientific research and comparison between the treatment and follow-up diabetes devices give read by difference between 10 -20% or be treated and relay diabetes without use of these devices (ie on the ground) it is clear from the research, especially for those who use the insulin to treat their illness that it is better to use these devices to be able to control blood sugar and reduce the complications of diabetes, and that if they were compared with patients who do not use measuring devices blood sugar. And thus won the manufacturers of these devices use licenses to sell to and use in patients monitor their blood sugar and take advantage of the concept of self-measurement of blood sugar. 
So if you've discovered that there percentage difference (or difference) between readings device and between readings lab medical know that you use a measuring blood sugar is best for you not to use it and to control the level of blood sugar and thus reduce the incidence of complications. 
Note: If the difference between the reading device and medical laboratory more than a 20% pay attention there may be something wrong in your system or device or calibration tapes sure, it can not rely on a difference of more than 20% of the follow-up of diabetes.

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